SEO – Proof using ‘Internet Genius’

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I have found several things that really do impact search engine results. Several months ago, on a whim, I did a Google search on “Internet Genius”. This site came up on page 8 in the search results. I decided to do some tweaks, make some improvements, and work toward improving this site’s performance on that search term. Tonight I did a search on “Internet Genius”. The site came up on page one and was the number 2 result. Good SEO can in fact impact search engine results.

Roger Creasy, Internet Genius

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SEO – Proof using ‘Internet Genius’ — 3 Comments

  1. Hey Dad, it’s me. I did a search, like you asked, and you were at the bottom of the first page. Not bad, not bad a all :)

  2. This is a superb post and may be one that can be followed up to see what the results are

    A companion mailed this link the other day and I’m eagerly awaiting your next article. Carry on on the superb work.

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