Temporarily disable Google’s personalized search results

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Google uses some of your browser information to present you with what the Google algorithm feels (can the algorithm feel?) is better results. It is no secret that Google captures things like your web history, your actions on prior SERPs, etc. The SERP you get may differ from others, such as your clients.

As a digital marketer, I often want to see what the real world results are for a Google search. Here is a quick way to temporarily, and at-will, turn off the personalized results. Because other folks may be getting personalized results, you cannot REALLY see exactly what they will. But, with this system, you can remove your personalization.

After you do a search, add the following to the search query URL – “&pws=0″. If you do not want to add the parameter manually, drag this link, Turn off Google personalization, to your bookmarks toolbar.  After you do a search, click on the bookmark. The bookmarklet is courtesy of the Google System Blog.

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