Mobile Search for Holiday gifts expected to grow

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In a recent post to the Google Mobile Ads Blog, Google released projections for the 2011 Holiday season. These projections are based on historical growth rates. Mobile Search for last-minute gifts will grow to 44%, according to Google. That is 44% of all searches for last-minute gifts and store locator searches.

Looking back over the past 2 Holiday seasons, there were 2 spikes in mobile searches for retail terms, one was Black Friday, the other the week before Christmas. In the graph below, you can see that this pattern repeat each of the past 2 years. Google makes the assumption that these searches were conducted by shoppers who missed free shipping deadlines, then moved to in-store shopping.


Courtesy of Google

Google also conducted a survey of Smartphone and Tablet users. 33% of these mobile device users intend to begin their shopping before Thanksgiving this year.

In a Search Engine Land post in February, 2011, Google reported that 79% of its top advertisers are not mobile ready. This means no mobile optimized site. It is doubtful that small local businesses even approach the Google top advertiser numbers, despite the fact that the advertiser mobile adoption data is 7 months old.

What does it all mean? There is  a huge, rapidly-growing market of mobile-ready consumers out there. Businesses who want to tap into that market must be where the consumers are. Mobile-readiness is a requirement for marketing success today.

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