Facebook changed your default email address – how to fix it

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Facebook decided to try and force users into the Facebook email system. You know, that email system you never use. When Facebook added @facebook.com email address, all was cool. They left the option to use it up to you.

Sometime in the past few days, they changed your default email address to your @facebook.com address. Here are the steps to take back control.

  • Go to your Timeline. You do this by, while logged in, clicking on your account name, next to your profile picture on the top-right of a Facebook page.
  • Click about, under your contact info.
  • Scroll down to the “Contact Info” box and hit edit (top-right in the “Contact Info”¬†box).
  • For each eMail account you want visible on your profile, switch the crossed out circle symbols to a full circle .
  • To hide the @facebook.com account, change the open circle to a crossed out circle.
  • While your there, make sure who can see your info is set as you want. You do this with the symbol/button to the left of those circles. You can set each email address individually.
  • Hit save.

For the most part, Facebook lets you set things however you would like. Unfortunately, like in this case, Facebook sometimes decides how you want things set.

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