The role of a Leader

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What are the things that a good Leader must do?

  • Vision – a Leader must not only create the vision for his team, he also must convey that vision
  • Cheerleader – a Leader must encourage his team and celebrate milestones
  • Champion – a Leader must be a champion┬áto the world for his team, senior management, the board, the public, anyone who will listen
  • Filter – a Leader must get any crap out of his team’s way. By crap I mean all those little things that get in the way of forward momentum
  • Nurture -a leader must help his team grow and improve
  • Integrity – a leader must always be honest and true in all he does

All of the things above must be done ´╗┐continuously, consistently, and with integrity.

Do you have others? Please share them, and any other thoughts, in the comments.

I will expand on these in upcoming posts.

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