Just Ship Already

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There is always room for improvement. There are always those tweaks that can make your project perfect. There is always tomorrow for making it a little better before you call it finished.

Image Source: Richard Masoner.

Fear is a driving force for improving it tomorrow instead of shipping it today. We fear our book, sales presentation, painting, piece of music, report on last month’s financials, whatever the project is, is just not quite good enough. So, we put off calling it finished until tomorrow.

I firmly believe in continuous improvement, and that there is ALWAYS room for improvement. But, we must decide to call it done and ship it. Better yet, we need to set a deadline for shipping at the beginning of our project. And, we must stick to this self-imposed deadline. Commit. Tell someone at the outset, “I will finish this by ____”. ┬áBy speaking your deadline out loud to someone, you firm up your commitment. When the date comes, call it finished and ship it.

Here are six things about deadlines (live lines) by Seth Godin.

I could write more, but, I’m at deadline….

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