Your work as art

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Do you look at your work as art?

Lee Iacocca’s turn-around of Chrysler, was art.
Steve Job’s building of Apple, was art.
Bill Gate’s creation of Microsoft, art.
The following that Seth Godin developed, is art. The same is true of Guy Kawasaki.

What about the more ordinary, the everyday folks? I see art in the work of many. There is a lady in the Home and Garden department at the local Lowes Home Improvement store. This lady loves what she does, helping folks choose plants. Her love for what she does is obvious in her art. I wrote previously about Romo, the hotel shuttle driver. Romo makes his work art. I know many teachers who thrive on their student’s growth. These teachers’ work is art.

Love what you do. Improve it every day. Make your work art.

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