How to be a successful leader

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Persistence. Of course, success takes more than persistence. But, none of those other qualities are as important as persistence. You cannot possibly be successful if you quit.

It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.
— Albert Einstein

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Intelligence is important. But, the world is full of unsuccessful smart people, even geniuses who fail. Being a successful leader takes something more than mere intelligence. It takes more than knowing what to do, and, more than just doing the right things. True leadership success requires doing the right things intelligently, consistently, and persistently.

Exactly what is persistence?

Persistence is self-discipline, continuing despite your feelings in the moment, disregarding self-doubt and the doubt or criticism of others. Seth Godin describes it as “quieting the lizard brain“. Persistence means that you keep the end, your goal, shipping – in mind. Things will go wrong. People, the weather, circumstances will all try to stop your success.

Don’t confuse motivation with persistence. Persistence continues when motivation is low. Your motivation to complete a task will decrease at times. Persistence means that, despite low motivation, you continue to take action toward your goal. Persistence requires action and movement.

Remaining Persistent

Remaining persistent isn’t easy. As we have seen above, there is much that gets in the way of success. Most of these things are either already in you, or are in reality based on your reaction to them. You can decide how to react to the critics. You can decide how to react to your self-doubt.

The most important part of a project is shipping. The most important driver of a project’s success is persistence. To be successful, begin with the end in mind. Know what, how and when you will ship. At every point during the process know where you are relative to shipping. Also, begin with the knowledge that there will be resistance;  there will be self-doubt; there will be obstacles. Plan for resistance to persistence prevail.

Be successful

Lot’s of people start lot’s of projects through lot’s of teams. A few people lead teams that ship. These leaders are the successful leaders. These leaders are those who took persistent action with shipping at the forefront of their minds through the entire process. Be persistent and you will be successful.

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