Don’t tell your team what to do

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Leadership is about accomplishing tasks and reaching goals through a team. Great leaders lead teams that accomplish a lot. These teams seem to get more done, and done better, than those around them. A successful, productive team is a thing of beauty.

A successful team with a strong leader has energy. Energy is derived from the team members; the team’s energy is driven and encouraged by the leader. Nothing dampens a team’s energy more than team members who feel they have no control.

Leaders who dictate every action or task of the team create an environment where the team won’t make decisions or take action its own. The team waits for instructions. It feels it has no control. Conversely, great leaders give their teams direction, rather than instruction. They surround themselves with people who can do their jobs better than they can. And, these leaders remember that their team members are good at their jobs.

Leaders of successful teams are results-oriented. These leaders tell their teams what the result should be. Then, they get out of the way. Team members will ask for help when they want it.

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