Opportunity Knocks. Are you ready?

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Opportunity knocks often. Are you prepared to take advantage of it?

Some people seem to be lucky. These people go from one success to another. But, is it really luck? Do they carry a talisman of some sort?

If these people are lucky, it is because they set themselves up to be lucky. Opportunities abound. But, you need to be ready to take advantage of it when it arrives.

  • Practice – You have likely heard, “practice makes perfect”. Work to continuously improve.¬†¬†You cannot take advantage of opportunity if you aren’t prepared.
  • Be persistent – Keep at it until your soul is no longer in it.
  • Stay informed – You won’t answer the knock if you don’t hear it.
  • Play to Win – You can’t merely show up. Show up planning to win.
  • Listen for the knock – Expect to find ¬†opportunity. Pay attention and look for opportunity in your experiences.


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