Ease your workload – don’t do the wrong things

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Many leaders have a hero complex. They want to be known as a problem-solver, the go-to person when something needs to be done or fixed. But, is being that hero in the best interest of your organization? Is handling a problem that could be handled just as well by someone else the best way for you to contribute to the good of your organization?

Defer projects better handled by someone else, to that someone else. As a leader, you should work strategically on the objectives that move you, your team, and your organization toward predetermined goals. Don’t do the wrong things.

To make the decision whether or not to defer a request, ask yourself these questions:

  • Could someone else handle this project better than I can, or least handle it sufficiently?
  • Does this request better fit the responsibilities of someone else?
  • Does this project take me away from something core to my strategic goals or my part in my organization’s strategic goals?
  • Is handling this request the best use of my time?

If the request is coming from a superior, the questions above will help you justify your deflection. Your boss does not want to take you away from your highest value activities.

Being a hero and solving problems is great. But, don’t let your hero complex and doing the wrong things get in the way of what really matters.


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