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Our society is a “now” society. We want success now. We want stuff now. We want it all, and we want it now. We want our financials to look good this month or this quarter.

But, do we sacrifice long-term true happiness and true success for the pleasures of the moment? Do we spend time making today successful while ignoring the things that are truly important? Do we drive short-term financial success, but not keep our clients’ best interest in mind?

What is really important about the now is how what we are doing now fits into our long-term plan. Long-term success usually requires short-term sacrifice. Maybe we don’t take that expensive vacation because the money needs to be working for our retirement. Maybe we don’t sell the client that highly profitable product that is not right for him┬ábecause we need our client to be successful for next year’s sales.

What are you doing now that is an investment into your future?

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