A note to Times-News Readers, and to Times-News associates past and present

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I really enjoy reading good fiction. A great book draws me into the story; I become a part of it. The characters are like friends. As I read the story, I travel through the lives of the characters. When I finish a book, I feel a sense of loss. I have completed my part, and have to move away from the lives of the characters and to a new book.

A job is much like reading a book. We pour our all into our job. We become part of it, and it a part of us. It becomes something we care a great deal about; something we mold, form, and help evolve. We are drawn into it. But, there comes a time when, like finishing a book, we have completed our part. And, it is time to move on to the next book.

Today, after nearly 15 years, I am announcing my departure from the Times-News. I have completed my part.

I am so very fortunate to have worked with many incredibly talented and dedicated people at the Times-News. The newspaper industry is filled with people who are passionate about what they do. None are more passionate than the folks with whom I have worked at the Times-News. I have learned and grown tremendously thanks to each and every one.

I especially appreciate all of the people who have been part of our digital endeavors over the years. They are thinkers, experimenters, and risk-takers. We worked together to try and figure out the digital realm. We failed often, but succeeded more often. We made an impact.

Finally, I am grateful for our readers, both print and online. Our readers are people who care about our community, people who want to know what is going on in our world. They are what make what we do in the newspaper industry matter. Thank you.

Now, it is time for me to move on to a new book, new characters, and a new story. I look forward to the challenges of the future. But, I am humbled and thankful for the past that prepared me to face those challenges. I leave with a tear, but also with smiles from many great memories.

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