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I am a fan improvisational jazz. I am amazed at musicians composing in the moment, creating art from how they feel at the moment, and from input from their audience. They have to make decisions on-the-fly based on input from their surroundings. Good improv jazz players make it sound easy like they make this art without effort. But, in reality, jazz improvisation requires tremendous effort, preparation, and practice. Good players put many hours, days, and years learning their craft.

Leaders are often required to improvise. New situations arise and leaders must respond. Good leaders got good at improvisational thinking, making decisions on-the-fly, by practising. So, to improve your improvisational decision-making skills – practise. When you are in a situation that requires a decision, be the leader who steps up with a solution. Help drive the decision. Sure, you will make bad calls. But, those bad calls will help you grow your improvisational leadership skills.

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