The role of a Leader

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What are the things that a good Leader must do?

  • Vision – a Leader must not only create the vision for his team, he also must convey that vision
  • Cheerleader – a Leader must encourage his team and celebrate milestones
  • Champion – a Leader must be a champion to the world for his team, senior management, the board, the public, anyone who will listen
  • Filter – a Leader must get any crap out of his team’s way. By crap I mean all those little things that get in the way of forward momentum
  • Nurture -a leader must help his team grow and improve
  • Integrity – a leader must always be honest and true in all he does

All of the things above must be done continuously, consistently, and with integrity.

Do you have others? Please share them, and any other thoughts, in the comments.

I will expand on these in upcoming posts.

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Facebook changed your default email address – how to fix it

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Facebook decided to try and force users into the Facebook email system. You know, that email system you never use. When Facebook added email address, all was cool. They left the option to use it up to you.

Sometime in the past few days, they changed your default email address to your address. Here are the steps to take back control.

  • Go to your Timeline. You do this by, while logged in, clicking on your account name, next to your profile picture on the top-right of a Facebook page.
  • Click about, under your contact info.
  • Scroll down to the “Contact Info” box and hit edit (top-right in the “Contact Info” box).
  • For each eMail account you want visible on your profile, switch the crossed out circle symbols to a full circle .
  • To hide the account, change the open circle to a crossed out circle.
  • While your there, make sure who can see your info is set as you want. You do this with the symbol/button to the left of those circles. You can set each email address individually.
  • Hit save.

For the most part, Facebook lets you set things however you would like. Unfortunately, like in this case, Facebook sometimes decides how you want things set.

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Facebook Security – How to lead a double-life

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It is possible to separate your personal and professional posts in Facebook. In fact, you can live a triple, quadrupedal or more life. With friend lists, you can separate numerous aspects of your life. Through the power of this Facebook functionality you can separate friends’ posts as well as choose who can view your posts on a post-by-post basis.

Facebook friend lists have been around for some time. But, a few months ago, in response to Google+ Circles, Facebook made some changes and began to push friend lists to the forefront.

Smart Lists
Facebook creates a few friend lists for you; they call these lists Smart Lists. So, you can use lists without creating any on your own. The lists Facebook creates are based on your profile, and come from this information:

  • Work
  • School
  • Family
  • City

As an example of how Smart Lists work, lets say you work for a company named Widgetmeister, and you put that fact in your Facebook profile. Your work list would be automatically named Widgetmeister. You have a coworker named Jane, who is also a Facebook friend. If Jane put in her profile that she works for Widgetmeister, Facebook would automatically add her to your work list. You can also manually add friends to Smart Lists. I’ll explain how later.

Close Friends, Acquaintances and Restricted lists
Facebook also automatically creates these lists. However, you choose which friends go on these lists. Close Friends is meant for just that, your closest friends. When you add a friend to Closest Friends, more of that friend’s posts show up in your news feed. Conversely, less of content from friends on the Acquaintances list posts will be displayed in your news feed. Friends placed in the Restricted list see only your public posts (more about Public Posts next time). So, if you have friends with whom you want to remain connected, but you don’t want them to see all of your posts, the Restricted list is the place for them.

Custom Lists
All of the lists mentioned so far are great, and can help you separate some aspects of your Facebook life. But, there is even more power in creating your own lists. As an example, lets say you are in sales at Widgetmeister. And, you want to use Facebook to connect with your clients. You can create a clients list. You can then prevent the friends you place on your clients list from seeing your personal posts. And, you can make posts that only your clients list can see.

Next Time
You now have a little background about Facebook friend lists. You have learned about the lists Facebook creates for you automatically, and that you can create your own lists. Next time I will show you how to create lists, and how to place friends on lists.

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Facebook Security – Introduction

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This is the first entry in a series intended to help clarify the plethora of security settings in Facebook. I begin this endeavor with the knowledge that it is likely Facebook will make changes that render what I write here useless soon after I write it, possibly before I finish.  That said, in searching the topic I have found little, other than Facebook’s help center. The Facebook help center is mostly a reference. My intent is to write a guide with simple instructions and insight on how to control your Facebook privacy and what you share and with whom.

In the Facebook Security presentations I have made, a few things have always come up as concerns:

How do I keep my account from getting hacked?
I don’t want people to tag me in photos.
I want to protect my Facebook friends, how do I do this?
How do I control who can see my photos?
My family does not want to see my work-related posts, I don’t want my coworkers to see my  personal posts. How do I separate them?

Over the next few weeks I will cover these issues, and others brought up by readers. Post suggested topics and any questions in the comments. Next time I’ll begin the discussion on how to separate work and personal posts with a discussion on Facebook Friend lists.

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Break through your Twitter Feed Clutter

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Have you ever wanted (or needed) to find something in your Twitter Feed? Perhaps in the back of your mind, you remember something about a tweet that had a link that you can’t quite remember. Or, perhaps you need to research a particular subject that you know has been discussed/mentioned within your twitter feed. PostPost comes to the rescue.

PostPost lets you search your Twitter feed for users, hashtags, etc. pretty much anything. From the PostPost Twitter bio: “Strip away the noise on Twitter with PostPost, the Twitter strip search tool.” It is a simple tool to use as well. Go to, log in using your Twitter login, approve the app’s use of your account, and you’re all set to search.

Give PostPost a try at Post your thoughts in the comments below.

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Mobile Search for Holiday gifts expected to grow

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In a recent post to the Google Mobile Ads Blog, Google released projections for the 2011 Holiday season. These projections are based on historical growth rates. Mobile Search for last-minute gifts will grow to 44%, according to Google. That is 44% of all searches for last-minute gifts and store locator searches.

Looking back over the past 2 Holiday seasons, there were 2 spikes in mobile searches for retail terms, one was Black Friday, the other the week before Christmas. In the graph below, you can see that this pattern repeat each of the past 2 years. Google makes the assumption that these searches were conducted by shoppers who missed free shipping deadlines, then moved to in-store shopping.


Courtesy of Google

Google also conducted a survey of Smartphone and Tablet users. 33% of these mobile device users intend to begin their shopping before Thanksgiving this year.

In a Search Engine Land post in February, 2011, Google reported that 79% of its top advertisers are not mobile ready. This means no mobile optimized site. It is doubtful that small local businesses even approach the Google top advertiser numbers, despite the fact that the advertiser mobile adoption data is 7 months old.

What does it all mean? There is  a huge, rapidly-growing market of mobile-ready consumers out there. Businesses who want to tap into that market must be where the consumers are. Mobile-readiness is a requirement for marketing success today.

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Temporarily disable Google’s personalized search results

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Google uses some of your browser information to present you with what the Google algorithm feels (can the algorithm feel?) is better results. It is no secret that Google captures things like your web history, your actions on prior SERPs, etc. The SERP you get may differ from others, such as your clients.

As a digital marketer, I often want to see what the real world results are for a Google search. Here is a quick way to temporarily, and at-will, turn off the personalized results. Because other folks may be getting personalized results, you cannot REALLY see exactly what they will. But, with this system, you can remove your personalization.

After you do a search, add the following to the search query URL – “&pws=0″. If you do not want to add the parameter manually, drag this link, Turn off Google personalization, to your bookmarks toolbar.  After you do a search, click on the bookmark. The bookmarklet is courtesy of the Google System Blog.

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Outlook 2003 – default downloads folder

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I do not like Outlook. However, my employer uses Outlook for ease of implementation and consistency, understandably. Microsoft restricts things so much, and makes REALLY customizing very difficult. But, there is usually a way to work around restrictions.

I like to keep my folders clean and organized the way I want. I use Adam Pash’s (Lifehacker) Belvedere to keep my downloads folder emptied. I had a little difficulty finding how to make Outlook put downloaded attachments where I want. It is possible, but requires a registry edit. In this post, I’ll explain how to make that edit.

WARNING: Changing your registry is dangerous. Simple mistakes can render your system inoperable. Be very cautious to follow the instructions below in perfect detail!

To edit your registry(again, do not take this edit lightly!), go to ‘Start’ and click on ‘Run…”. Type ‘regedit’ and click ‘OK”. In the left panel look for the key name ‘HKEY_CURRENT_USER’ and expand it. Drill down in the folder structure as follows:
Create a new entry by going to (in the menu) Edit=>New=>String Value
Name your new entry “DefaultPath”. After your entry is created and named, double-click on it and enter the FULL path to the location of the folder you want to use for downloads. Your change is automatically saved when you close Regedit.

That’s it! Your change will take effect the next time you start Outlook.

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SEO – Proof using ‘Internet Genius’

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I have found several things that really do impact search engine results. Several months ago, on a whim, I did a Google search on “Internet Genius”. This site came up on page 8 in the search results. I decided to do some tweaks, make some improvements, and work toward improving this site’s performance on that search term. Tonight I did a search on “Internet Genius”. The site came up on page one and was the number 2 result. Good SEO can in fact impact search engine results.

Roger Creasy, Internet Genius

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Header Update

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I corrected the background issue with my logo. And, found some social media icons I could tweak and make work. Those I found had a black background. I removed the background and added an alpha channel.

Next up: Navigation.

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