About Roger

Roger Creasy is a dedicated IT professional. He has been involved in programming since the days of punch cards. Roger works as a full stack developer at Container Graphics Corporation, where he works with PHP, Perl, Go, and a plethora of other technologies. He also works on the DevOps side of things managing Linux-based systems, virtual machines, and containers. He spends his days writing code at a standing desk and works exclusively in Linux. Previously, he worked for a media company for 15 years as a regional Digital Operations Director.

Roger is a long-time advocate for the Linux desktop, especially for developers and IT professionals. He is also an opensource enthusiast who contributes to the opensource community.

I firmly believe that a free and open exchange of ideas is in the best interest of us all. We all learn and grow when there is an open collective of shared knowledge. Together we can accomplish great things.

~ Roger Creasy

Roger lives with his wife and a very hyper Border Collie in the middle of the woods on a lake in central North Carolina. When he is not at a computer he enjoys writing music and performing on trombone or guitar.