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Welcome to My New Site

Thanks for stopping by! Please do not judge my site by its current state. It is just a beginning. I am in the process of moving content from the old WordPress version to here. Please be patient as there is a lot of content there. Also, old content may show up near the top of results as I move content over. Just ignore anything out dated.

This new site is built on an opensource framework called ChassisPHP, a project that I lead. Check out the project on Github - ChassisPHP  For my non-tech visitors, a web framework is a foundation for a site. It manages things like directing page requests to the correct files, the database connections, security, etc.

To find out more about me, check out the links in the footer. There are links to most of my public internet presence.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you will come back.

Recent Posts

Understanding SSH Key Types

There are several encryption key formats available for ssh. Here I am covering DSA, RSA, ECDSA, and Ed25519. These are the most common. DSA and RSA use factoring of 2 large prime numbers in their encryption algorithm. ECDSA and Ed25519 use elliptical curves.…

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View compressed log files with Zcat

Have you ever need to view log files after they have been rotated and compressed? Many people uncompress the file with gunzip or gzip -d then view the file. Linux gives us a shortcut, namely zcat. Zcat opens a compressed file immediately for viewing. However,…

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Update Your Server Host Keys

If you maintain a VPS, hopefully you are aware of the continuous attack attempts. As one measure to keep your server secure you should periodically change your server's host keys. If your server has been compromised, you definitely want to change your key…

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Auto-generating slugs with PHP

The term slug comes from the newspaper industry, where I spent 15 years of my career. Editors and reporters use a "slug" as a short name for an article mostly while it is in development. The slug can contain information about the article like the sec…

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PHP Codesniffer - Using Custom Standards on a Per Project Basis

What is PHP Codesniffer?…

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Putting Applications in your Desktop Menu


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Note-Taking with Vim

I am experimenting with note-taking/journaling using Vim. I use Vim for almost all other text-based activities, so, why not? I have used Evernote for many years, and have a ton of content there. But, I am looking for more security and control.…

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Command Line Weather

If you live in the command line, like I do, anything that keeps you from having to leave it is a good thing. I am not a weather junkie. But, I often want to know if it is going to rain during my commute, or if I am going to be able to enjoy the outdoors when I…

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Reparent a Branch

I recently had several bug fixes to work on one after another. These bugs were in our development branch, and were found in testing. I branched from our development branch, fixed bugs, and made commits. Each bug was on its own branch.…

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How to Add a Samba User From the Command Line

Adding Samba users is likely a task that you have to do irregularly. Here is a simple set of instructions that I hope can be a resource. Entries inside <> should be replaced, without the <>, with your entries. Entries inside [] are optional. …

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Using Git to push to your production server

I have used Git for version management for several years. Recently I began using it to push code to both a web-accessible repository, as well as the server from which the code is served. Using this workflow, all I have to do to make code live is ru…

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How do I create a new Google Drive file?

It is super easy.…

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Motion, Confusion, Direction, and Action

"How are you?", a colleague asks. You answer with the answer you always give, "I am busy, so very busy." But, are you truly busy? Or, are you addicted to the feeling of "busy". If you want to do some self-inspection, read on.…

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Stop doing that.

If you do a Google search for ' remove unnecessary tasks', you get thousands of results about how to stop unnecessary processes from running on your computer, phone, or tablet. These links take you to pages that talk about how these unnecessary proce…

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Do you ask questions?

Socrates was a great teacher. He used questions to help students learn from things they already knew. He also used questions to drive his points in arguments. By using the right questions, you can put yourself in a position to better understand others, and how…

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Noise Reduction

We are exposed to an overwhelming amount of information every day. Much of that information is not necessary for our purposes. Some examples are: spam email, bacn email (those lists for which we signed up, because it seemed interesting at the time. But, it is…

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The Story of Romo

On a recent business trip, I stayed at a Marriott. The experience was great. The room was like almost any other hotel room; it was nothing special. The fitness center was adequate, but nothing special. Minor things went wrong. There was no coffee in the lobby…

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You accomplish a lot!

If you are like me, and I bet you are, you start each day with a list of things you must accomplish. You have your coffee, review your list, and sit down to start the work required to check off items. Then, the phone rings, or maybe it is an email, or a boss o…

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Don't be afraid of, but master Silence

You can hear, and say much in silence. Our worlds are so full. We always have input. Every second is filled with TV, the internet, social media, the list is never ending. We are conditioned to feel that our world must be this way. But, sometimes it is good to…

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The role of a Leader

What are the things that a good Leader must do?…

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Outlook 2003 - default downloads folder

I do not like Outlook. However, my employer uses Outlook for ease of implementation and consistency, understandably. Microsoft restricts things so much, and makes REALLY customizing very difficult. But, there is usually a way to work around restrictions.…

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