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The role of a Leader

By: Roger Creasy

What are the things that a good Leader must do?

  • Vision - a Leader must not only create the vision for his team, he also must convey that vision
  • Cheerleader - a Leader must encourage his team and celebrate milestones
  • Champion - a Leader must be a champion for his team -- to the world, senior management, the board, the public, anyone who will listen
  • Filter - a Leader must get any crap out of his team's way. By crap I mean all those little things that get in the way of forward momentum
  • Nurture -a leader must help his team grow and improve
  • Integrity - a leader must always be honest and true in all he does

All of the things above must be done continuously, consistently, and with integrity. Do you have others? Please share them, and any other thoughts, in the comments. I will expand on these in upcoming posts.

Publication Date: 2012-07-14 04:21:03