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Outlook 2003 - default downloads folder

By: Roger Creasy

I do not like Outlook. However, my employer uses Outlook for ease of implementation and consistency, understandably. Microsoft restricts things so much, and makes REALLY customizing very difficult. But, there is usually a way to work around restrictions.

I like to keep my folders clean and organized the way I want. I use Adam Pash's (Lifehacker) Belvedere to keep my downloads folder emptied. I had a little difficulty finding how to make Outlook put downloaded attachments where I want. It is possible, but requires a registry edit. In this post, I'll explain how to make that edit. WARNING: Changing your registry is dangerous. Simple mistakes can render your system inoperable. Be very cautious to follow the instructions below in perfect detail!

To edit your registry(again, do not take this edit lightly!), go to 'Start' and click on 'Run...". Type 'regedit' and click 'OK". In the left panel look for the key name 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER' and expand it. Drill down in the folder structure as follows: Software=>Microsoft=>Office=>11.0=>Outlook=>Options=>Mail Create a new entry by going to (in the menu) Edit=>New=>String Value Name your new entry "DefaultPath". After your entry is created and named, double-click on it and enter the FULL path to the location of the folder you want to use for downloads. Your change is automatically saved when you close Regedit.

That's it! Your change will take effect the next time you start Outlook.

Publication Date: 2010-08-21 05:43:55